Mustang Ridge

$65.00 - $820.00

Image of Mustang Ridge Image of Mustang Ridge Image of Mustang Ridge

Some days when I'm out with the horses, I have incredible moments of bliss and peace. This was one of them. The horses were all relaxing on top of this ridge and I found myself enjoying the quiet with them, snapping a few images here and there. I don't think any of us get enough moments like this where there is no commotion around us and we can be in the present. I fight to be in the moment every day. I'm always looking to what's next and what I must do to keep moving forward for the day. It seems like to keep the life train from derailing off the tracks, there is very little time to stop and take a breather and enjoy a moment. I envy wild horses; they are never not in the moment. When they rest, they are at peace. When a fight is over, It's over. I don't know if they deal with daily anxieties like humans do or not. But it sure doesn't seem like it.

Limited Edition of 25