Save The Day

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Image of Save The Day

This by far is one of my favorite images I've taken to this point. It was taken within about fifteen minutes from the time I got out of my truck after spotting them and it felt incredibly lucky to get it! Usually it takes me all day to get a decent one. The herd was on the move and as I was getting in position to start taking pics, I could hear some ruckus to the right of me. I turned and just started shooting. The mare and colt belong to the bay horse and the black stallion was running up behind them to chase them off or potentially steal them away. I haven't decided what the motivation was. But I do know the big bay stallion was having none of it! He got between the black stallion and his mare and colt in the blink of an eye. The black stallion quickly veered off and went about his business being a bully to the other horses in the herd. There is nothing like a thousand pound animal running at you full speed. I'll be honest, I just closed my eyes and hoped they wouldn't run me over!

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