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Image of Spirited Image of Spirited

The paint horse on the left is the stud horse they call Red Cloud. I would say he is one of the more recognizable horses of the Onaqui herd.

This image was taken a couple of summers ago. At the time he had three or four mares in his band and a couple of colts. He has an easy going personality. Some studs will micromanage and boss their mares around all the time. Red Cloud was protective but even-tempered.

He was caught in the round-up last summer but was one of the horses turned loose again. Most of the other studs that were captured that had mares before the round-up have regained new ones. But Red Cloud seems to be content hanging out by himself these days. He is generally always with the main herd on the outskirts. I haven't seen him try to challenge any horses. Maybe he will someday, time will tell.

I think some studs get to the point where it isn't worth the fight anymore. Old age has a way of changing us all. Whatever the case may be for him. I still enjoy seeing him out there.

Update Spring of 2022 Red Cloud was found deceased from an unidentifiable illness. There was no apparent trauma. Man, I'll miss him!

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