A Day To Remember

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Image of A Day To Remember Image of A Day To Remember

“being alone never felt right. sometimes it felt good, but it never felt right.”
― Charles Bukowski

This is the horse they call “Old Man”. probably one of the most recognizable and photographed wild horses. He was once a prominent stallion amongst the Onaqui wild horse herd in his day. But as wild horse stallions get older they eventually will lose their mares to younger and stronger stallions. They will either start to travel just outside of the herd and many times alone or with a bachelor stallion group.

I’ve heard from other photographers that have been following the Onaqui’s for a long time say that he is close to thirty years old. Which is not the norm in wild horse terms. I’ve been out to the range all winter and have not seen him. And I haven’t seen any other images of him on social media either. I hope he pops up somewhere at some point and gives us more time to appreciate the icon that he is.

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