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I try not to get attached to the horses when I'm photographing them. I want to keep that reverence and the feeling of wildness and mystery about them. But it doesn't always work out that way. If I'm attached to any of them, it would be this horse. I call him Evander. He lost half his ear in a fight, and it reminds me of when Mike Tyson bit half of Evander Holyfield's ear off in a boxing match. Turns out it’s a common trait with wild horses, but Evander was the first one I had seen. He tends to stay on the outskirts of the main herd and is most comfortable keeping his distance. Something I can relate to. It was a blustery spring day out on the range. The herd had settled down for their daily routine of taking a nap after grazing all morning. Evander was off on his own like he normally is when I spotted him. I slowly walked over, trying not to spook him. For a wild horse I really like how he is put together. He is stout, and I've always liked roans, and long, rugged manes and tails. Add that with snow-capped mountains in the back. It's my kind of image!

I named it Lazy Sunday because I was relaxing on a Sunday afternoon thinking about what to say when I posted this image on social media and it just reminded me of him enjoying a Lazy Sunday.