Mud Bath

$140.00 - $820.00

Image of Mud Bath Image of Mud Bath

Summertime out on the Onaqui range can reach 100 degrees or more. As uncomfortable as that can be. I still like to go out a couple of times a summer. If I can time it right, going when there is a monsoon storm in the forecast is even better! Fresh rain on high desert sagebrush is about as good of a smell there ever was.

This is from the summer of 2021. I came across this little band of bachelors and followed them to a waterhole. In a way, watching them reminded me of Lab dog on a trail seeing water and jumping in without hesitation. The horses all walked right in and started playing and drinking. If I wasn't trying to photograph the whole event I would have jumped in with them!

This is a limited edition of 10