Sleeping With One Eye Open

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Image of Sleeping With One Eye Open Image of Sleeping With One Eye Open

It was a warm October afternoon out with the Onaqui wild horse herd. The horses were hard to find this particular day. I finally spotted a couple of bachelors up on the side of the mountain. As I got closer I started to see a few more, then I found the whole herd not far from them. They were tucked into a valley hidden by high ridges on both sides.

I had to hike a mile and a half or so to get to them. Once I did, I found this guy taking a nap with a few others. There was a slight breeze blowing his mane from his right side to the left, it immediately caught my attention. I spent 10-15 minutes photographing it. I didn't even notice until I got home going through the images for the day that he had one eye open while he was sleeping.

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